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Summer has been a bartender at Big Red Restaurant & Sports Bar since 2006. Summer says working at Big Restaurant & Sports Bar is the best job she’s ever had next to being a mother. Summer is drawn to bartending because of the personal connections that are formed with customers.

Summer was raised in Schuyler graduated from Schuyler High School. One of the most unusual jobs that Summer experienced before joining the Big Red team was walking beans. She is delighted to report that her days of walking beans are over thanks to the development in soybean technology to combat weed control.

When she is not tending to the bar, she enjoys family time and relaxes by doing crafts. When time allows she enjoys finding that one book that makes you want to keep coming back to read over and over again. She highly recommends Stephen King’s, They Eyes of the Dragon.

One thing you may never guess about Summer is that you will never catch her going barefoot. She has the most profound admiration for her Grandma Cook. Her superpower is being able to feel the emotions of others and empathize with them, which is a skill that she gets to utilize at her job. Summer has no hidden talents to share with us, and she makes it her goal to refine her abilities continually.

Summer admits sometimes it is hard for her to ask for help as she describes herself as controlling. But along with her controlling side, she also thinks of herself as motherly and somewhat sarcastic.

Summer believes Big Red Restaurant & Sports Bar is the best- hidden jewel in Fremont and encourages customers to come in and meet our family.