Big Red Restaurant And Sports Bar

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David joined Big Red Restaurant & Sports Bar out of his love for beer and has been happily serving our customers for ten months. What you might not know about David is that he traveled 1,672 miles from Los Angeles, California to Fremont, Nebraska. David attends Midland University, and fate brought him to Big Red Restaurant & Sports Bar.

He is knowledgeable and friendly and has the incredible skill of being bilingual speaking Spanish and English. He takes great delight in meeting new people and enjoys serving our customers. It is evident that David loves what he does, and he enjoys the crazy environment, especially when things are hectic as he likes to keep busy.

When asked to tell me something surprising about himself, he replied that he plays some gnarly tunes on his violin. Outside of work, his hobbies include drawing, working out, and wrestling.

He admires Dwayne Johnson, The Rock. David’s favorite movie is Requiem for a Dream. He claims to have a superpower that can make things disappear and reappear elsewhere. When asked what three words he would use to describe himself, he replied by saying charismatic, diligent, and a hooligan.

David is a fantastic cook. However, you can find him occasionally treating himself to the Kickin Pot Roast. If you have never had it, he highly encourages you to give it a try.